Personal Account

The Em@ney account suitable for all types of Users.

Register your Swaappy account today and join Em@ney world.

Start now, send and receive money, securely, with no software or apps installed on your device. Swaappy is built to work with any device.

Once the registration is done and the review process is completed, a personal code will be sent to your phone via SMS, enabling you to effect payments.

Send and receive money to and from any bank participating in the SEPA circuit. You can also apply for a debit Mastercard to make purchases via POS or online, using the new user-friendly 'Swaappy' management system, you will be able to check your expenses and monitor your balance.

As a plus, you will have the chance to customize your IBAN by writing in your name. A customer service department, always at your side, will provide all the support needed.

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