Business Account

The Em@ney account suitable for all types of Business.

Your new business partner, our business account lets you handle your business expenses quickly and easily. You can send and receive funds to and from any bank, whether in the SEPA circuit or beyond via EXTRA SEPA/SWIFT payments. Check your balance and transactions on your home banking.

Request a debit Mastercard to link to your bank account, so you can make purchases via POS or online, a dedicated app will make your web payments even safer via an additional authentication factor (3Dsecure).
You will be able to provide company cards issued under your employees' or partners' name.
Benefit from multiple payments making easy to send salaries to employees/partners and rely on our highly scalable and customizable APIs tailored to your Business needs, built on purpose by our team of engineers.

No fees that you are not aware of; each cost will be clearly listed on the contract and there will be no charges you know nothing about.

Try our Vanity IBAN, customize your IBAN by adding your company name. Request segregated accounts, dedicated to your clients' funds. With "Virtualio", you will be able to link countless virtual IBANs to each of your customers, simplifying reconciliation processes.

A customer service department, with a focus on assisting business customers, will provide you with all the help you need.