We are more than a bank.

[email protected] is the most advanced solution
to manage electronic money.


With our innovative platform and payment ecosystem,
we help individuals and companies to solve
all their electronic transaction needs.


We offer you all the tools
needed to grow your business


Every [email protected] customer benefits:

e-money account with a dedicated IBAN,
IOS and Android mobile app
Mastercard Business Card
with instant funds access.

Full Control of business expenses
with individual spending limits.
Dashboard and reporting
Mastercard Debit card


Personalized Payment Card

Phone, email
and Social Media Support

Activate your

[email protected] Account
in 48 hours.

[email protected] Account holder?

What is [email protected]?

[email protected] is a financial Institution,
Licensed in Malta,

and authorised by the MFSA in 2013.

[email protected]
 experience in  electronic money,
online current accounts
rechargeable credit card.