Electronic Cheque System

Platform for the issuance and cashing of electronic cheques

With the increase in the speed of access to the Internet, the development of new communication techniques and a constant presence of countless business online, Em@ney plc felt the need to develop a platform which would allow its customers to send money even to subjects, physical or legal, even if they don't know the bank references of the beneficiaries.

The electronic cheque system arises out of this context and can generate a form of payment with only 3 parameters: name, mobile phone number and e-mail address.

Once the obligatory AML/FT have been done the funds necessary for the payment are then made available to those who can autonomously collect the sum within a certain time limits, prefixed by the e-cheque issuer, by choosing one of the proposed payment systems made available by Em@ney plc.

A composite system of notifications, e-mails and text messages, sends various parameters to verify both the terminals and the beneficiaries, ensuring a 3DS - type verification, while keeping the system and its use lean.

All data present in the database inside the platform are treated according to the strictest rules for the storage and processing of personal data, with encryption keys that prevent reading.

The structure is further protected by Firewall and Anti DDOS systems.

The Electronic Cheque System is an integral part of Em@ney plc's Home Banking Systems.


The platform operates thanks to a battery of asynchronous processors that allow the get-away of hundreds of thousands of requests per second, without slowing down the ordinary activity.


A simple and intuitive interface guides the operator to the compiling and sending of cheques.


The system responsible for collection, regardless of the operator who issued the cheque, verifies the identity of the beneficiary at the time of first collection, allowing him to receive subsequent payments just with a few clicks.


The validity of cheques is automatically monitored by asynchronous processors, which cares for their automatic cancellation on the date of expiration.