Graduated in decoration techniques from the Academy of Fine Arts in Agrigento, specialised in set design, he completed a second degree in "humorous comics" at the "B.Calzolari" school of comics in Milan.

He joined the rai due team in M. Guardì's Piazza Grande program as a TV cartoonist and was involved, as a cartoonist, in the TV show "Al posto tuo", also on RaiDue, hosted by Paola Perego. From september 2008 until 2013 he was back on Rai as a cartoonist for the program "Verdetto finale" hosted by Veronica Maya.

He collaborates with the International Antarctic Station "Concordia" through EXTREME TRAVELER.
In 2006 he joined the creative staff for the show SQUALI created by Alberto Luca Recchi, staged at the Sistina theatre in Rome.

Over the years he has won numerous prizes and awards in the artistic field, including the Karkinos Prize 2018 Agrigento cartoonist/artist excellence,
the Alessio di Giovanni' national award 2022 for painting and Pippo Montalbano' prize.

In June 2022, he started working with ARDIZZONE SCENOGRAFIE and realized the drawings for a float shown during ACIREALE 2023 carnival parade.

Also in 2022, he collaborated with NATO and CINSA and created a cartoon distributed in all science-oriented universities in the United States and Caucasian Georgia.

During his years of teaching, he and his students won first prize four times in a row in the national "A Poster for Peace" competition organized by the Lions club and the Rotary club.

While in Rome, he volunteered in the Paediatric Oncology ward at the Umberto I hospital in Rome, drawing for the hospitalized children.

The artist nourishes an overwhelming love for Sicily, his homeland, and for his native Agrigento, from which most of his works are inspired. A passion honored by S.Bernardo s.p.a. company's choice to produce a label to be a tribute to Sicily and to be distributed worldwide.

To nowadays, the artist teaches 'comics and art history' at the V i.c.s. P.Vasta in Acireale.