Accepted worldwide, customized around you

[email protected] Mastercard® are prepaid cards that allow shopping in online and offline retailers.

They don’t need a bank account and they are available in single and rechargeable version.

They can be obtained from [email protected] points and they are issued instantly upon proof of ID, proof of address.

There are no interests and they don’t allow negative balance.

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Includes Internet Banking

All our Mastercards include Internet Banking Features: pay and receive payments easily.


With  multi authentication factors  nobody can use your card without your permission.


You can pay in any currency in every outlet online or offline that accepts Mastercard®.


  • Accepted wordlwide
  • Works online and offline
  • Unbranded
  • Includes home banking
  • Embossed number
  • Branded with your logo
  • Covered by anti-fraud insurance
  • Fees are the same in all the countries of the SEPA community