Your Passport for the World of [email protected]

Sleek and stylish,
[email protected] card works just like a normal bank card, but it does so much more.

Load, Pay, Save, and receive money, anywhere in the world.

Are you a Business?

Find out how you can have your customised card payment system, your fidelity or cash back program for your clients, with our UpBanking product.

Issued Instantly

Apply online and start using your [email protected] Card today.

Includes Internet Banking

All our cards include Internet Banking Features: pay and receive payments easily.


With  multi authentication factors  nobody can use your card without your permission.


With more than 500 retailers in Europe, [email protected] is a network in expansion!


  • Accepted wordlwide
  • Works online and offline
  • Includes home banking
  • Covered by anti-fraud insurance
  • Fees are the same in all the SEPA countries

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