An IBAN tailored to your business. You can request thanks to [email protected]://, a Maltese company that allows you to choose 18 characters from those that make up the code. And the company would also be working on the portability of the IBAN.


A more recognizable and memorable code, the IBAN created in this way can become, for example, MT90EMON02015000000INVENTALOTU for the owner of the shop “Invoveo tu”. The IBAN, active throughout the Sepa area, is associated with any of the payment instruments offered by Em @ ney: payment card, wallet or other. Those who receive a payment with Em @ ney will then be able to immediately recognize who sent the money. The service is also part of the Em @ ney “pay per use” policy and is sold as a separate product compared to other payment services.

«We are the first electronic money institute in all of Europe to offer IBAN, – explains CEO Germano Arnò – while typically the Imel provide a shared IBAN, as we have always done. We realized that, especially in recent times, some users used this code as a sort of identification of their business. So we decided to offer not only the personal IBAN but also personalized and customizable ».