The Legal platform can provide a toolset to manage
credit risks and credit recoveries.

The products allow you to determine a creditor’s financial
situation and his solvency.

These products are targeted to lawyers, accountants,
companies and whoever has got an exigible credit that is hard to recover.

Compliance Check.

This platform allows you to check the presence of an individual
or a company in one of the following lists:
PEP (politically exposed person), Ex PEP, Sanction List and
Wach List.
This procedure is described as mandatory in the 4th directive of
Anti-money laundry act, issued by EU commission, for banking and
financial intermediaries, financial consultants, insurance
intermediaries, providers of financial services and gaming

The data that feed the platforms are taken from international
databases provided by companies that are leader in the
investigative and credit sectors.



● Perform payments and receive payments worldwide
● Perform urgent payments
● Accept payments online
● Activate and monitor company’s


Mastercard for your employees without loosing control and security